Sell or Buy

We  work for both sellers and buyers of property, but we never look at what commission we get only what is in the best interest of our customers.

We are 100% transparent with EVERYTHING (including what we get in commission) , that is the only and best way to make sellers or buyers feeling trust in the broker and the property and in combination with our lawyers and tax edvisors we make the best deal possible for our customers.

For BUYERS we work free of charge, and to be able to offer you what YOU really are looking for. Therefor we collaborate with over 1000 real estate agencies all over Costa del Sol. We are never offering you properties that we get the best commission for we only focus on that you with us find the one that fits your wishes and budget best. We begin making a thural analize of what you really are looking for

Our homepage is updated every night. New properties are added and the ones that sold or take off market, are erased, so we dare to say that our site is the best tool on the hole Costa del Sol when you should search for either a already built property or a new development.

For SELLERS/VENDORS we have competetiv pricing , when we for instance offer some services free of charge if you sell thru us. We also offer you a reduced commission if we find the buyer thanks to that we have a selling sign outside your property or thru Idealista so we get in direct contact with the buyer. 

- We are first of all listing your property on the broker portal ReSale Online witch is a absolute must if your property should have a good chanse to sell quickly and to the highest possible price. Here we publish your property, directly when we taken photographs and crated the text of your property.  We make a lot of effort to describe you property in a attractive text and we use professional video & photo equipment and our 4K drone to create the best possible sales material.

- We also advertise your property on Idealista. 

- We publish it on facebook and other social medias.

- We email over 1000 real estate agents on Costa del Sol every week to inform and remind them that your property is for sale.

Regardless how professional any broker works the fundamental in selling your property swift and successful is to find the one buyer who appreciate it most.  and the fundamental for that is that as many buyers as possible can see that your house is for sale. 

We never ask you for giving us exclusivity to sell your property, when this is one of the biggest mistake any seller could do. 

Extra Services Included

Free of charge we can test the property you are interested in buying both for radiation from mobile towers and for radon. We offer this free of charge for our property buyers. Read more about this in our service section.

Free of charge is also a basic staging of your property if needed and is something that you would like to have performed before we take pictures and start the selling.


The founder and head broker of the company, Anders Torngren has been involved in many property developments and construction for decades and he has a Swedish real estate agent university degree 1988-1990, so he really know what he is doing. He was one of 4 young guys in the end of the 1980 that changed the real estate world in the beginning of the 90:s. Probably Anders can also give you some good ideas and advice, how you can add value to the property you are selling or buying.