Sell With Us

Selling your property successful:

Advertising is of course fundamental in selling anything and especially properties when each one is unique and then extremely important to find the very right buyer, to achieve a quick sale and highest possible price. The only way to do that is to use all possible ways to find that buyer. Therefore first of all we are publishing your property on the broker portal ReSaleOnline where we are collaborating with more than 1000 real estate agencies on Costa del Sol. Here thousands of brokers on Costa del Sol are collaborating with us to present your property to their customers.

Secondly we advertise on as a complement when this is the best site for buyers that are searching also by themselves. 

We are very active on social media and marketing your property there.

Every 7-10 days until your property is sold, we are promoting by mail to those thousands of brokers on Costa del Sol to remind them to offer your property when they have a customer interested in something similar to yours.

We present your property on our homepage and our advertising windows in prime location in Elvira Center. 

We highly recommend that if possible, we also put up our “FOR SALE”  sign outside your property.

We have some of the best contacts on the market with developers, builders, investors that we often meet and this adds possibilities.

One of the owners and head broker of the company, Anders Törngren, has a Swedish university real estate education so we work with the same high standards here in Spain as in Sweden.

We are:

100% transparent. 

Experienced, trustworthy, honest and professional.

Always prioritizing the customer before anything else.

We make a lot of effort to present you property with professional pictures, when it is possible drone videos and photos and with describing text and extensive facts and info that customers need to make a decision to buy. Customers that feel that they are not getting all the information about a property and correct honest answers are not willing to take the step of signing a contract that might be the most important signature,  they ever made.

We inform you about the time & date before every viewing even if you are not here and we keep a dialogue with you about everything that happens.

We follow up all viewings to listen to the interest and see so there are no unanswered questions or something we can do to make a deal possible.

We offer this included in our commission:

  • Basic staging of you property
  • Radon Control
  • Radio Smog Control if your property is close to a radio mast