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Selling your property successful: 

The most important advertising is that your property from day one is published on the broker portal ReSaleOnline, and is a must for selling your property as quick and for highest possible price as possible. Here thousands of brokers on Costa del Sol are collaborating with us to sell your property. *You can read more about this at the bottom of this page. 

Secondly we advertise on as a complement when this is the best site for buyers that are searching also by themselves. 

We are very active on social media and marketing your property there. 

Every 7-10 days until your property is sold, we are promoting your property by mail to those thousands of brokers on Costa del Sol, to remind them to offer your property when they have a customer interested in something similar to yours. 

We have some of the best contacts on the market with developers, builders, investors that that adds another possibility to find your buyer. 


One of the owners and head broker of the company, Anders Törngren, has a Swedish university real estate education and we work with the same high standards here in Spain as in Sweden. 

We are: 100% transparent, trustworthy, honest and professional in every detail and every step on the way.

We make a lot of effort to present you property with professional pictures, when it is possible drone videos and photos and with describing text and extensive facts and info that customers need to make a decision to buy. 

We inform you before every viewing, about time & date and who is visiting as the customer is registered with us before any  viewing take place. 

After every viewing and discussions with a potential buyer we keep you informed. 

We follow up all viewings to listen to the interest and see so there are no unanswered questions. 


We work with the standard commission on Costa del Sol that is 5% plus IVA (21%) when there is another agency involved and then we get 2,5% and the other agency gets the other 2,5% of the commission. 

If we find your buyer directly by either our homepage, social media, internet advertising or a sign outside your property, we offer you a lower commission. This we negotiate with you at our first meeting. 


We offer this included in our commission: 

Extensive marketing

Basic staging of you property 

Radon Control 

Radio Smog Control if your property is close to a radio mast 

*Thousands of colleagues are using ReSaleOnline as their most important tool to find properties to offer property to their customers.We share our commission 50/50 with the broker who finds us the customer. There are more than 1 400 broker agencies here on the coast, which means that there are several thousands of brokers that through this portal are searching the right property to offer their client. So to sell you property as quickly as possible and for the highest possible price, it is very important that your property is listed on this ReSaleOnline broker portal and must be published there there from day one to not not loose time and potential buyers.


Jessica Torngren

Manager Design Services 
VP, founder and part owner


Anders Torngren

Manager for Brokers & Services
CEO, founder and part owner


Dante Torngren

3D pictures, Floor Plans and CAD expert